SilcoTek Happy New Year!  Remember Those New Year Resolutions?

December 31 2016 SilcoTek



Well it's the end of 2015.  Time to face the music and check our new year resolutions. Other than switching to decaf, my resolutions went bust by January 2nd.  Not so with SilcoTek®.  Here are some highlights from 2015 and plans for next year.


Improved Manufacturing performance.

SilcoTek's already impressive shipping performance got even better in 2015.  Average lead time improved by up to 50% for most coating processes.  How'd we do it?  By taking critical eye to processes and procedures and continually improving every step of the process.  Engineering and Production teams improved process yield and improved handling and processing methods.  

New and improved!

The R&D team rediscovered Dursan®, another continual improvement success story.  R&D retested and evaluated Dursan® and made dramatic improvements in coating performance; scoring huge gains in corrosion resistance and inertness.  

While they were at it, R&D developed a new coating for semiconductor and high purity corrosion applications.  Dursox® is now improving corrosion resistance in many semiconductor processes and wherever labs need a high purity corrosion resistant surface.

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More friends and partners than ever!

More new customers than ever came to SilcoTek® for solutions. At the same time existing customers expanded coating applications and product offerings; possibly the highest vote of confidence in our products and people.

Buy Coated Products   Directly From The Manufacturer

Dedicated to exceptional customer service.

To deliver the best customer purchase experience possible; we expanded our Customer Service and Sales teams.  Our sales team reached out to a record number of international customers, and expanded sales access to important growth areas. 

Bringing our coating process to your door.  

2015 marked the first time we made product licensing available to our high volume customers.  Our Engineering team will design and deliver to your factory your own coating system; completely integrating our coating process into your manufacturing facility.  

Getting smarter.

SilcoTek® is as much an intellectual property company as a coating company.  To that end, we rededicated our efforts to protect and deploy our IP in expanding markets.  

Next year's resolutions.

Well my resolution is to not make New Year resolutions.  I'm sure I'll hit that goal!  For SilcoTek, we'll continue to improve our company.  Here are some highlights:

  • Expand our facility to improve engineering capability and processes.
  • Improve the complete customer experience from website, to Sales & Customer Service, and shipping.
  • Expand our coating technology offerings.
  • Continue to improve our quality systems and quality performance.


Here's to a Happy and Healthy 2016!