Semiconductor Tool Corrosion? New Dursox Coating Solves Your Problem!

March 13 2015 Semiconductor

showerhead_2_19_15 We put Dursan on an oxygen diet.  The result?  Dursox, a new high purity, corrosion resistant barrier coating for semiconductor manufacturing applications.

Dursox™ is a thin but durable silicon oxide (SiO) high purity barrier coating that prevents semiconductor tool corrosion and errosion.  Dursox™­ offers significant resistance to corrosives common in semiconductor manufacturing.

Dursox_corrosion_Comparison_2_18_15Ultimate Purity

Dursox is a high purity silicon oxide layer that contains no metals, assuring no leaching of metal ions into process streams; making it an ideal semiconductor coating.  XPS data show Dursox contains no metals throughout the layer.


Dursox™ is made for next generation semiconductor manufacturing systems

  • Etch:
    • Dursox high purity coating eliminates ion contamination in corrosive etch gas streams
  • Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD):
    • Dursox enhances purity by coating of all chambers and equipment. Reduces carryover and corrosion
  • Epitaxy:
    • Dursox significantly reduces contamination and maintenance caused by corrosion
  • Ozone:
    • Stabilize flow path to assure ozone purity
  • Gas Transfer:
    • Prevent ion contamination, assure high purity gases
  • Chemical-Mechanical Planarization (CMP):
    • Increase lubricity, prevent sticking and cut downtime


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