What We Learned About Analytical Sampling

December 08 2017 Process Analytical


30 years ago our team developed the first inert silicon coating for analytical use.  We called it Silcosteel®.  Over the years our coatings became an integral part of the sample flow path and we learned a thing or two about analytical sampling.  Here's what we learned.

In 1987 our founder, Paul Silvis, was in a bind.  His new company, Restek had just developed some of the finest analytical GC columns on the market.  They were so good that the competition noticed and began to enforce a little known patent on a key element of GC columns, the fused silica column tubing.  Faced with a problem that could cripple his company, Paul innovated.  He realized that fused silica columns are not robust, so why not make a steel tube column with an ultra inert coating surface?  The results would combine the best of both worlds, high durability and an inert super performing analytical GC column.  After lots of experimentation, we hit the jackpot.  Our first inert CVD coating, Silcosteel®, was born.  

Silcosteel tube.pngSoon customers began to notice that Silcosteel (now called SilcoNert®) was highly inert and they wanted to use the coating in the entire sample flow path.  So customers asked us to coat their tubing and fittings.  We said sure and figured out how to apply our inert CVD coating to lots of sampling components.  In the process we learned about the sampling problems facing customers in analytical, oil & gas, refining and petrochemical plants.  Together with our dedicated customers, we solved many of those problems, and if a particular coating could not solve the problem, we developed a new coating to meet the need. 

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Fast forward 30 years, our team has become so successful that in 2009 we formed a separate independent coating company, SilcoTek®. Our company is relatively new but our mission is the same, we're dedicated to solving customer problems through Game Changing Coatings.  Along the way, we've amassed over 250 years of combined coating and analytical problem solving experience.  This year, our team decided to share our experience with you.  We've written a 4 part e-book series called "The Ultimate Guide to Reliable Analytical Sampling"The 4 part e-book discusses ways to solve analytical and sampling problems in difficult environments. 

Ultimate Guide to Reliable Analytical Sampling with Inert Coatings


Why should I read this book?

Because you'll learn how to prevent common sampling and analytical problems and learn ways to save time and money. You will learn how to:

  • Improve sample system reliability
  • Improve system response and process control
  • Reduce troubleshooting
  • Learn how to get the results you need the first time, every time

Our scientists and engineers are dedicated to teaching the customer how to improve the material performance of their products and processes through the use of our game changing coatings. Read on and benefit from our experience. 

Get Book 1:

"The Key to a High Performance Analytical System"

Want to learn more about sample systems and how to improve results?  Well you’re in luck!  This is book 1 in a 4 book series on improving analytical sampling.  Additional topics will discuss: 

  • An Introduction to Inert Coatings
  • How to Manage the Sample Environment With Inert Coatings
  • Troubleshooting & Protecting the Sampling System 

Want to get the entire series? 

Ultimate Guide to Reliable Analytical Sampling

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Oh, and that competitor we talked about earlier?  They eventually became one of our largest customers!  Now that's karma!