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Our corporate Overview Brochure


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A great overview of SilcoTek®, what we do, applications for our coatings, and more.

  • Features and benefits

  • Where coatings are used

  • Coating properties

  • Industries and applications

Coating Application Notes

Learn about how our coatings improve the performance of products and processes in a wide range of industries.




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Learn how coatings like SilcoNert and Dursan improve instrument sensitivity, response, and efficiency.  

HPLC brochure

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LC instruments benefit from coatings like Dursan by improving flow path bio inertness, creating an iron free surface, and preventing unwanted protein interaction with the flow path surface.


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Medical devices and diagnostic instruments often rely on polymer coatings for a metal-free surface, but these materials are susceptible to corrosion, carryover, and damage that threatens compatibility and performance.  SilcoTek coatings prevent flow path contamination, corrosion and carryover.  Our coatings reduce test failures and false positive errors. 


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Learn how SilcoTek coatings are used to repel water and prevent corrosion and cross contamination.

Sulfur Sampling

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Learn how labs and refineries are able to reliably detect ultra low sulfur, even after days and weeks of storage.

Mercury Sampling

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Learn how an inert surface can improve trace mercury detection in stack sampling systems.

Oil and Gas

Sulfur Sampling

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Learn how to improve sample test quality and reliability in sample flow path surfaces.


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Learn how SilcoTek coatings can improve durability and corrosion resistance of surfaces exposed to corrosives like produced water.

Refinery and Petrochemical


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Get an overview of how inert coatings can improve performance and reliability of refinery and petrochemical sampling systems.


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Learn how CVD coatings can improve the reliability of ultra low sulfur testing.


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Learn how SilcoTek coatings can improve VOC detection in fenceline monitoring applications.


Corrosion Resistant Coatings brochure

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Learn how CVD coatings can prevent corrosive attack even in high tolerance applications like seals, and precision filters.

Anti Fouling and Mold Release

Non stick coating brochure thumbnail

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Learn how our non stick surfaces can prevent heat exchanger and filter fouling and help to improve mold release.



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Learn how SilcoTek coatings can prevent contamination, improve corrosion resistance and improve process yield.

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