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Companies turn to SilcoTek® for coating solutions to their most demanding material challenges.  They choose SilcoTek because our team is dedicated to improving your products and processes.  Our case studies tell the story of how customers in a wide range of industries have benefited from doing business with SilcoTek.

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Supply Chain Optimization with RMC Manufacturing


rmcRMC Manufacturing, a precision manufacturing company specializing in instrument components, found that SilcoTek Coatings met their customers' demands of improved inertness and instrument sensitivity but they needed a fast and easy way to order and process coated products.  Learn how SilcoTek helped RMC reduce lead time and improve supply chain efficiency. 

How did SilcoTek® benefit RMC manufacturing?

  • SilcoTek added flexibility and efficiency to their supply chain
  • Reduced lead time by 90% by implementing a kanban system
  • Developed a technical coating solution as well as a supply chain management solution to achieve RMC goals

RMC continues to grow and use coating solutions to meet customer demands.

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Improved Analytical Instrument Sensitivity with Airborne Labs International 



airborneAirborne Labs International had a problem.  Their low level testing of sulfurs in beverage grade CO2 was yielding erratic results, causing Airborne to question the reliability of the test.  SilcoTek® partnered with ALI to help improve the quality and accuracy of sulfur contamination in beverage grade CO2.

How did SilcoTek® benefit ALI?

  • SilcoTek worked with ALI to make critical flow path surface non reactive to low level sulfur compounds, improving response and reliability.
  • SilcoNert 2000 improved ALI's product performance, helping to increase sales to the beverage industry
  • SilcoTek technology helped ALI set the standard for commercial gas and fuel testing.

Today ALI is recognized as a preeminent commercial gas and fuels test laboratory and analytical test equipment supplier.

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Improved Corrosion Resistance At Reduced Cost with Turner Designs Hydrocarbon Instruments Inc. 


turnerTurner Designs Hydrocarbon Instruments Inc., a worldwide leader in continuous monitoring systems for measuring hydrocarbons in water, found that SilcoTek® Coatings met their customer's need for a low cost corrosion resistant coating able to stand up to harsh environments found in oil and gas exploration.  Learn how SilcoTek® coatings improved corrosion resistance and reduced cost in oil-in-water monitors and produced water applications.

How did SilcoTek® benefit Turner Designs Hydrocarbon Instruments?

  • SilcoTek coatings, like Silcolloy and Dursan, improved corrosion resistance 10x or more.
  • Improved system life with less maintenance.
  • Minimized or eliminated the use of costly superalloys.

Today, Turner Designs Hydrocarbon Instruments Inc continues to be world leader in oil in water monitoring technology.

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Improve Reliability and Test Accuracy in Downhole Sampling


downholeOne of the world’s largest oil and gas tool companies needed to improve the durability and inertness of their downhole sampling tools.  They needed a precision coating that could stand up to rigorous downhole conditions while preventing surface reactivity and adsorption of sulfur compounds found in the well sample.  Learn how an oil and gas tool company improved downhole sampling accuracy and test reliability worldwide.

How did SilcoTek® benefit downhole tools?

  • Improved sample quality and reliability by preventing surface interaction and adsorption of sulfur and sulfur compounds.
  • Our high durability precision coatings allowed existing tools to be coated without modification.
  • Improved wear resistance and lubricity helps tools last longer.

Today downhole tool manufacturers use SilcoTek coatings to reliably sample oil and gas wells worldwide.

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Lubricious Dursan Improves VERIS Verabar® Sensor Lifetime in Corrosion- and Fouling-Prone Power Application

Armstrong CoverHow SilcoTek helped Armstrong International reduce maintenance and cost of operation while increasing power generation capabilities. 

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Dursan for HPLC Helps Shepard Industries Achieve Inert and Robust Stainless Steel Components

Capture-1How SilcoTek and Shepard Industries worked together to create the ultimate bio-inert HPLC hardware. 

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Ensuring Reliable and Repeatable Testing of BTEX Compounds with SilcoNert®2000

Smith CoverHow SilcoTek helped Smith Analytical increase inertness and ensure accurate analysis in GC sampling systems. 

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Preventing Exhaust Buildup on a Classic 1967 Jaguar using the Dursan® Coating Process

Capture-3How SilcoTek coated exhaust headers on a vintage car to eliminate coking and engine buildup. 

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Saving Time and Product in a Corrosive Filling System with Dursan® Coating Technology

ASEA Case ImageHow SilcoTek prevented corrosion and part replacement, leading to a more efficient and cost effective filling system. 

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Preventing Adhesion in Demolding on Stainless Steel  and Glass with Dursan® Technology

Molding Cover ImageSilcoTek worked with a customer to solve adhesion problems with the Dursan coating technology to lower surface energy and increase hydrophobicity.   

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Improving the Injection Molding of PVC Plastic Face Masks with Dursan® Coated Molds

Gowin ThumbnailSilcoTek worked with a customer to solve adhesion problems with the Dursan coating technology to lower surface energy and increase hydrophobicity.  

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