Coating Case Studies

Companies turn to SilcoTek® for coating solutions to their most demanding material challenges.  They stay with SilcoTek because our team is dedicated to improving your products and processes.  Our case studies tell the story of how customers in a wide range of industries have benefited from doing business with SilcoTek.

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Case Study #1:

Case Study #2:

Case Study #1:

Supply Chain Optimization


Rightnour Machining Company

How SilcoTek® helped RMC improve coating lead time.

Improved Analytical Instrument Sensitivity


Airborne Labs International

How SilcoTek® coatings helped ALI become a world leader in beverage CO2 analysis

Case Study #3:

Case Study #4:

Corrosion, Reduced Cost


Turner Designs Hydrocarbon Instruments Inc.

How SilcoTek® coatings improved corrosion resistance and reduced cost in oil-in-water monitors.

Improved Sample Reliability


Downhole sampling applications

How an oil and gas tool company improved downhole sampling worldwide


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