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Companies turn to SilcoTek® for coating solutions to their most demanding material challenges.  They stay with SilcoTek because our team is dedicated to improving your products and processes.  Our case studies tell the story of how customers in a wide range of industries have benefited from doing business with SilcoTek.

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Case Study #1:

Case Study #2:

SilcoTek Improves RMC Coating Lead Times with Kanban System


Response Machining Company

How SilcoTek helped RMC improve coating lead time. 

Case Study #1:


Saving Time and  Money with Precise and Consistent Sulfur Management


Airborne Labs International

How SilcoTek coatings helped ALI become a world leader in beverage CO2 analysis. 


Case Study #3:

Case Study #4:

Improving Corrosion Resistance and Reducing Cost for Turner Designs Hydrocarbon Instruments


Turner Designs Hydrocarbon Instruments

How SilcoTek coatings improved corrosion resistance and reduced cost in oil-in-water monitors.


How an Oil & Gas Tool Company Improved Downhole Sampling Worldwide


Downhole Sampling Company

How an oil and gas tool company improved downhole sampling worldwide. 


Case Study #5:

Case Study #6:

Lubricious Dursan Improves VERIS Verabar® Sensor Lifetime in Corrosion- and Fouling-Prone Power Application

Armstrong Cover

Armstrong International

How SilcoTek helped reduce maintenance and cost of operation while increasing power generation capabilities. 

Dursan for HPLC Helps Shepard Industries Achieve Inert and Robust Stainless Steel Components


Shepard Industries

How SilcoTek and Shepard Industries worked together to create the ultimate bio-inert HPLC hardware. 

Case Study #7: Case Study #8:

Ensuring Reliable and Repeatable Testing of BTEX Compounds with SilcoNert®2000

Smith Cover

Smith Analytical

How SilcoTek helped increase inertness and ensure accurate analysis in GC sampling systems.

Preventing Exhaust Buildup on a Classic 1967 Jaguar using the Dursan® Coating Process


Skip Webster

How SilcoTek coated exhaust headers on a vintage car to eliminate coking and engine buildup. 

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