Coating Applications for Refinery, Petrochemical, & Process Sampling 

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SilcoTek® coatings like SilcoNert® and Dursan® make critical flow paths inert; assuring you're getting the process data and product quality you need.  Refiners using Teflon® tubing and PTFE coatings can experience porosity, delamination, and tubing failures in sample transfer heat trace tubing applications.  Our inert, corrosion resistant coatings line tubing surfaces to provide a high temperature, high durability surface.  The perfect solution for challenging refinery, petrochemical and process environments.

The benefits of an inert and high reliability flow path include:                                                                                 

  • Faster response, save time and improve process control
  • Improved sensitivity and detection of trace contaminants that can damage catalysts and degrade product quality
  • Easier system calibration
  • Improved corrosion resistance, durability and reliability
  • Consistent performance for improved regulatory compliance


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Coating Applications for Refinery, Petrochemical and Process Sampling

SilcoTek coatings are used in stack sampling, flare sampling, CEMS and sample transfer systems to prevent interaction of the test sample or product with the flow path surface.  Our inert coatings like SilcoNert and Dursan prevent adsorption, reactivity, and improve surface corrosion resistance.  Applications include:

  • Environmental 
  • Air monitoring
  • Process sampling
  • Sulfur Analysis
  • Fenceline EPA 325
  • Corrosion control
  • Anti-Fouling 

An inert flow path is a critical factor in achieving consistent low level detection of reactive compounds like hydrogen sulfide as well as maintaining a reliable corrosion resistant and fouling resistant surface.  SilcoTek CVD coatings achieve the lowest detection limits for many industry standards relating to refinery and petrochemical testing.

Achieve the lowest level of detection for:

  •   H2S, Mercaptans, Sulfur
  •   Mercury
  •   Ammonia
  •   Amines
  •   NOx and SOx
  •   More

SilcoTek coatings also help to maintain flow path durability and fouling resistance by improving corrosion resistance and preventing carbon coking and fouling.  Use SilcoTek coatings wherever corrosion or fouling is a problem:

  •   Stack probes
  •   Small heat exchangers
  •   Valves & fittings
  •   Tubing
  •   Reactors 
  •   Sample cylinders


Refinery, Petrochemical, and Process Sampling Data

First we'll compare the performance of SilcoNert in sulfur analysis applications.  Reactive compounds like hydrogen sulfide (H2S) get stuck in analytical systems, causing significant delays in response time.  SilcoNert® coated surfaces allow compounds to travel through critical flow paths unimpeded, offering near-real-time response and improving lab productivity.  Comparative data from CONCOA (below) show a nearly 10x improvement in response time for a SilcoNert coated flow path (blue line) compared to an uncoated stainless steel system when sampling part-per-million and part-per-billion level hydrogen sulfide.  

 Concoa-H2S-Response-Time 2

SilcoNert 2000-coated sample components provide excellent stability for mercury samples, even after several weeks of storage.  The uncoated stainless steel cylinder (black line, below) quickly adsorbs mercury compounds, making reliable sampling and calibration a challenging task.  The user may spend unnecessary time and money getting an accurate mercury test result.   The SilcoNert-coated cylinder (green line) maintains an inert surface which improves mercury stability even after 2 months of storage.  This promotes a reliable and accurate sampling environment, saving the operator time and money.

mercury analysis.JPG (003)

Prevent adsorption of active compounds

A SilcoNert® coated flow path will reduce signal loss and chemical adsorption while improving analytical test quality.  The SilcoNert coated surface reduces ammonia adsorption by 95% compared to uncoated stainless steel.  

 Ammonia Adsorption (002)



SilcoNert coated surfaces improve amine sampling response and improve overall test reliability.



Need an inert surface that's durable and corrosion resistant?  Dursan offers superior performance and durability, making it an ideal coating for sampling in challenging environments.

Corrosion Dursan ASTMG31

Dursan offers superalloy performance at a significantly lower price. * 

Cost comparison with Hastelloy and Dursan

*The pricing graph is strictly an example for illustration.  Actual pricing will vary.



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To get the most out of your process and product, coat all flow path components and systems.  This includes:

Calibration and spec gas delivery systems

  • Gas regulators
  • Tubing
  • Valves

Process Flow Paths

  • Stack and flare probes
  • Tubing, valves and fittings
  • CEMS and sample transport components and heat trace tubing
  • Heat exchangers and reactors
  • Sample cylinders
  • Flow control 
  • Separators and filters


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