How to improve vacuum performance in UHV, semiconductor systems

July 26 2013 Process Analytical


SilcoTek Coatings reduce outgassing

SilcoTek coatings improve vacuum performance in UHV and semiconductor systems by reducing outgassing and preventing ion contaminantion and corrosion. 

Reduce outgassing rate, SilcoGuardSilcoGuard 1000 is a silicon coating proven to reduce outgassing by 8x or more.  SilcoGuard 1000 is a high tolerance coating that does not interfere with conflat surfaces.  A recent report by Kurt Lesker Inc. notes several ways to improve vacuum performance.  Click Here to see the report.

Ion contamination resulting from corrosion is also a concern for vacuum and semiconductor professionals.  Silcolloy 1000 and Dursan coatings are designed to reduce corrsoion 10x or more while reducing burn-in or seasoning time in semiconductor etching and other tools.  Click Here to learn more.

Low corrosion rate