Does Santa Use Inert SilcoTek Coatings? You bet!

December 19 2014


Rest assured Santa does use SilcoTek® coatings.  In fact custom shipments to the north pole are at record highs.  Here are just a few applications (Santa has asked us to keep most of his list confidential but he's OK with us sharing with you a few tales about how SilcoTek helps Santa deliver to naughty and nice).

Keeping Rudolph and the other reindeer healthy and safe

SilcoTek's inert coatings are used in Santa's state of the art lab to test reindeer feed and water.  Santa trusts the success of Christmas to his reindeer, so he turned to the most trusted name in inert surface treatments, SilcoTek®, to assure no environmental contaminants or adulterants are in their feed.  Rudolph and his pals are pretty particular about their food, as most flying reindeer are....SilcoTek coats all of Santa's GC components, sample systems and transfer lines, making the system inert; improving sensitivity by orders of magnitude. 



And the elves love us because retesting, false readings, or test errors are minimized when using SilcoTek coatings; giving them more time for making toys!

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Stop rust on the sleigh

Santa spends a lot of time high up in the clouds on Christmas Eve.  To prevent his sleigh parts from corroding, Santa has SilcoTek® coat his sleigh fittings and fasteners.  Dursan® repels moisture and prevents corrosion, extending the life of his trusted sleigh.


Keeping those sleigh runners slick

SilcoTek® coats another vital sleigh component, the sled runners.  Dursan® is inert,corrosion resistant and a wear resistant coating, but it also reduces friction by about 40%; lower friction means Santa's reindeer don't have to work as hard when lifting off from your roof. 



More importantly, low friction means a more efficient sleigh and higher payload.  That's right, Santa can carry more toys (or coal) because low friction Dursan is on the job!

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A little red noseRed_Nose

We also receive a little red nose for hydrophobic coating from time to time.  We're not sure why Santa needs a light up nose, but we do know water now runs right off the nose, assuring a bright light.





P.S. We're sure all this is true, just ask Santa!


Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from SilcoTek!