A Christmas Message From Santa and SilcoTek!

December 22 2017 SilcoTek


Customer Service got a call from Santa!  He's so happy with our service that he sent us a personal video, and we're sharing it with you!

Yes Santa is pretty happy with SilcoTek this year.  We continue to coat his sleigh runners and have branched out to making his reindeer harness look bright and cherry with a corrosion resistant rainbow finish.  Rudolph says our SilcoTek rainbow coating complements his red nose quite nicely.  He gives our corrosion resistant coatings to thumbs...err...hooves up!  Check out our case studies to learn how other more worldly customers have solved their material problems.

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As a personal thanks for sending him Christmas cookies, Santa sent us a special holiday video.  Because you're just as special to us, we're sharing his video with you!  Lucky blog readers! 

I don't know about you, but I think Santa had a few before making the video.

If you're as excited about a visit from Santa as we are, you can track old Saint Nick as he makes his way to your home town, click the link below to follow his exploits around the world and explore the North Pole!

NORAD Santa Tracker

The team at SilcoTek would like to wish you and your family the happiest of holidays!  And here's to a safe and profitable New Year!  I'm sure Santa and SilcoTek will do great things next year!  If you'd like to learn about our inert and corrosion resistant coatings from an expert, check out our events page and visit us at a trade show near you.

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