Next Generation Purity for Semiconductor Manufacturers

July 21 2014 Semiconductor


SilcoTek coatings are at the forefront of improved semiconductor yields and manufacturing efficiency.  Our coatings:

  • Enhance yield
  • Ease factory integration
  • Optimize process efficiency

We improve performance by significantly reducing surface contaminants found in semiconductor processes.

  • Metal ion contamination
  • Corrosion particulates
  • Metal leaching
  • Errosion

SilcoTek coatings also reduce corrosion and corrosive effects from common fab chemicals, like HBr, HCl, NF3 and many other compounds


Why do semiconductor manufacturers turn to SilcoTek to improve yields and product performance?  Because our patented silicon coating process transforms all 3 dimensional metal surfaces into a high purity silicon surface; eliminating the potential for metal contamination.

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