How to Avoid Delays in Getting Your Parts Coated by SilcoTek

July 29 2022 SilcoTek


As we bid adieu to Marty Higgins and wish him well in his retirement, we have some big shoes to fill!  I'd like to take a minute and introduce myself and provide a little background about my expertise at SilcoTek®.  My name is Kayla DeSoto and I have taken over Marty’s role managing SilcoTek’s website and blog.  My goal is to ensure we maintain a consistent stream of educational content that adds value to current and potential customers for SilcoTek coating services. 

I have been with SilcoTek for over 7 years in our Customer Service department.  In my time with SilcoTek, I've worked with domestic and international customers in all markets.  For the past 4 years, I've worked primarily with international customers.  If you've been a customer for a while, you've probably seen my name before.  

How to Avoid Delays in Getting Your Parts Coated by SilcoTek

My time in customer service has shed light on the best ways to make sure your orders are shipped out to you on time.  I'd like to share a couple of suggestions and tips to avoid delays on your orders from SilcoTek. 


Request a Quote Prior to Sending Your Parts 

Our quotes team is just an email away and can get your order set up before you even ship your parts to us for coating.  They will include a copy of our shipping instructions and pre-coating guide with your quote.  Providing drawings with your quote request will allow us to offer pricing and prepare for any processing limitations.  Including the completed shipping instruction document with your shipment will help us to easily identify your order at receipt.  

Get a Quote for Coating Service


Provide Pertinent Details Up Front

By providing us with information such as your purchase order, preferred shipping method, shipping account number, payment method, contact details for freight forwarders, HTS/Schedule B code, country of origin, etc., we're able to process your orders in our system very easily.  Our quotes team will provide you with shipping instructions in addition to your quote so you can advise the shipping details right away!  Sending us your commercial invoice ahead of time is also helpful in case there are issues with the import.  If additional order information is needed, we will communicate that to you when we send your order acknowledgement.  Prompt replies to our questions ensures that we can move your order to the next stage in our processing system.  


Submit Credit Applications Early 

If you're a new customer and haven't yet established payment terms with SilcoTek, submitting a credit application early in the process might be a good idea.  While some customers decide to use other forms of payment, setting up payment terms early on should ease the process.  Once you have your quote, ask our customer service or quotes team for a copy of our credit application.  


Communicate Special Requests 

Special packaging requirements or specific order information that will help us get your parts to you quicker should be relayed as soon as possible.  International customers will need to tell us about any special verbiage needed on commercial invoices or shipping related documents.  Letting us know about critical surfaces or complex geometries can help us to process your parts on time, every time.  Any other details that you think are important, let us know!    

Have Questions? Contact Our Technical Service Team


The key to quickly processing your order in our system is communication!  


Following these tips will help us, help you!  We know that the coating process is likely the end of the line for your parts, so we are happy to do our part to get them to you ASAP.  We will do our best to make sure your orders are ready to go by the ship date.