How to Make Your Instrument Bio Compatible

March 27 2015 bio-medical

Why buy a new instrument when the one you already have can be made resistant to protein binding and carryover?  Bio-inert Dursan® can be applied to medical sampling system components, significantly reducing protein sticking, carryover and non specific protein binding.

Bio compatible and corrosion resistant.

Dursan's superior corrosion resistance extends the life of needles and other sampling components while ensuring bio compatibility.  Exposure to bleach and acids can pit stainless steel surfaces, allowing crevices to retain proteins and other agents.  Dursan resists corrosive attack, reducing potential carryover causing pits in the stainless steel surface.



Existing techniques for enhancing protein release such as polyethylene glycol (PEG) systems lack stability and will oxidize in the presence of oxygen, rendering them useless.  Others like thermoplastics fail at 250° C and risk incompatibility.  SilcoTek provides an alternative coating solution in Dursan that offers better stability in air and other oxidative environments, even under elevated (450° C+) temperatures.



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Coat the entire sample pathway



  • HPLC columns, flow path and hardware
  • Medical diagnostic equipment
  • Biomedical devices
  • Needles