Can I Send In Used Parts For SilcoTek Coating?

January 08 2016 SilcoTek



We get that question often.  Yes!  You can send in used parts; but as this sassy sow demonstrates, we can't work miracles.  

SilcoTek® coatings are very thin silicon based materials applied by chemical vapor deposition.  Our products will conform to the part surface even in small crevices.  What's that mean to a used part?  Our products can highlight what were once difficult to detect scratches or heat stains, making the appearance less desirable than a new part.  

If you're not particular about appearances, there are other factors to consider.


If the part has been exposed to corrosives and is rusty, we advise you not to send the part.  Our surface preparation process is designed to remove contaminants, but not rust.  Even if the part is sand blasted, small corrosion sites may remain. Those corrosion sites will be coated during processing, but over time, the corrosion beneath the surface may displace from surface and result in failure; exposing active sites and increasing risk of more corrosion.

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Recoating GC liners can make good economic sense; however, glass and metal surfaces may retain analytes from previous use.  The materials can outgas during processing and contaminate the process.  Always note chemical exposure and discuss prior use and exposure with SilcoTek® prior to sending in parts.


Repeat, repeat, repeat

Surfaces may accumulate contaminants over time, so recoating a surface time and time again may result in poor surface appearance, and higher surface activity.  The SilcoTek® surface preparation process may not remove all trace contaminants, so that small amount of contamination remaining on the surface may become problematic over multiple processing cycles; resulting is an active surface or poor surface appearance.



As noted, contamination and surface activity may increase over multiple preprocessing cycles.  Contamination sensitive parts like inlet liners may, over several recoating cycles, become more reactive under some conditions.  A few liners may not pass customer QC which will reduce part yield.  What used to be a 100% perfect batch of new parts, may become a 95% perfect batch of used parts over several recoating cycles.  

For the most part, our process produces outstanding inertness and durability for used parts. Results may depend on the particular process or chemical exposure.  Our staff will work with the customer to review past chemical exposure and part condition to better gauge expected results.  It's prudent to run small test batches to assure the recoated part meets your expectations.

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