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Automotive And Aerospace September 02 2022

SilcoTek Goes to the Moon... Again!

SilcoTek® and NASA have had a long history together, and our journey continues with the Spacecraft Atmosphere Monitor (S.A.M.) system. This system is designed to monitor the atmosphere within the...

Automotive And Aerospace April 08 2022

Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions From Jets

In this blog post we discuss how Dursan contributes to renewable energy and greenhouse gas reduction by improving the ketonization process used to convert wastes into jet fuel. Reducing Greenhouse...

SilcoTek April 12 2019

Are Silicon CVD Coatings Durable? SilcoTek is Going to Mars

Our coatings are going to Mars! Why do you care? The European Mars Rover (The ExoMars Rover Mission), which is scheduled to be launched in 2020, has an instrumentation pack that includes a gas...

Process Analytical December 11 2015

A Guide To Preheating Parts For High Temperature Coating Service

Customers using our inert, oxidation resistant, and corrosion resistant coating in high temperature applications (over 450c) often ask if the coatings can take the heat. Our answer tends to be a bit...

Process Analytical October 02 2015

Inert Coatings Keep Auto Manufacturers Honest And Save The Environment

Recent revelations about diesel emissions highlight SilcoTek's contribution to improving exhaust emission testing. How do regulatory agencies detect low level NOx and sulfur emissions? Advances in...