Why Aren't You At Pittcon?

March 04 2016 Process Analytical


SilcoTek coatings will be exhibiting at Pittcon in Atlanta March 6-10.  We've been exhibiting our coatings at the show (originally as part of Restek and now as SilcoTek®) for nearly 30 years.  As you know by now (I hope), we offer coating for anaytical, process, gas, oil, semicon, corrosion, aerospace and automotive applications.  So it makes sense for us to exhibit because many of the analytical companies exhibiting at the conference are our customers.  But if you think Pittcon is only for the laboratory, you're mistaken.  In fact the conference offers significant benefits for every SilcoTek business sector.  How?  I can answer that question in 2 words, technology transfer.

What is Pittcon?

Before you say "I want to attend" you have to ask what the heck is this conference?

The Pittcon website says this about the conference: "This global exposition gives you the opportunity to get a hands-on look at the latest laboratory instrumentation, participate in live demos and product seminars, talk with technical experts, and find solutions to all your laboratory challenges."  But in the many years that I have attended Pittcon, I would say they're selling themselves a little short.  The show offers significant diversity in not only laboratory sciences, but also exhibits ideas and advances in a variety of fields.  Looking at the subject matter of the featured speakers you'll understand my point.  Featured subjects deal with:

  • Nano materials in Biotech
  • Electrochemical sensors
  • Photochemical water splitting for hydrogen formation
  • High throughput microfluidics
  • Evolution of capillary chromatography (separation science)
  • Ultrasensitive biomolecular detection


It sounds like the show is more about cutting edge technology for diverse applications than just an analytical conference.Read About Our  Nano Coating Technology

Technology transfer and innovation

That's where the whole technology transfer idea comes into the picture.  Taking an idea used in one market and adapting it to your business/market is one of the fastest and most efficient ways to innovate and improve your products.  What is considered a "standard" solution in one market may become a major disruptive technology in another.  That technology integration may be the driving force that catapults your business to the next level.  So take the time to explore ideas and solutions in different markets, it may be the best investment you ever made.

If you're an oil and gas engineer and attend the conference, you may not be interested in biotechnology, but the nano technology used in the application may have significant benefits in your field.  Or if you're a semiconductor manufacturing engineer, ideas about electrochemical sensors may solve a corrosion problem or purity problem in your manufacturing process.  If you're in manufacturing, capillary chromatography may help improve quality control of your process.  Then of course there's our coating technology which solves material problems for inertness, reactivity, corrosion, purity, coking/fouling/sticking, and moisture resistance in diverse markets.  We'll be there to discuss how our coatings can solve your material problem. 

Get Informed Read Our Coating Brochure

Don't sell your company short, come to the Georgia World Congress Center March 6-10, and don't forget to stop by SilcoTek® booth 1539.