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March 03 2017 LC & GC Chromatography

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Our First Pittcon As SilcoTek


SilcoTek® is attending it's 30th Pittcon this year (1987-2008 with Restek®, 2009-present as SilcoTek).  During that time SilcoTek has made impressive strides in inert coating technology.  From our first coating, Silcosteel®, to SilcoNert®, Dursan® and Dursox®, our coatings have helped customers improve analytical sensitivity and performance.  Customers in process, analytical, oil & gas, semiconductor, automotive and many more applications have benefited from our coating technology.   

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The 2017 Pittcon team

Now you can count HPLC and pharma analytical applications to our list.  This year at Pittcon we're talking HPLC coating and bio technology benefits.  Did you know you can eliminate many of the problems caused by a metal flowpath with inert coatings like Dursan?  In fact, you can improve the sensitivity, accuracy and yield of LC and HPLC instrumentation by coating metal flowpaths with Dursan.

  • Stop test errors caused by sample carryover
  • Prevent corrosion
  • Lower cost-per-sample

Learn More About  Bio-Inert Coatings

Biomolecule testing like protein, peptide, carbohydrate and lipid analysis can benefit from an inert flowpath.  Dursan® is a very low surface energy, bio-inert coating designed to reduce non-specific protein binding and carryover while improving corrosion resistance in biotechnology, HPLC and pharma applications.

With the assistance of a non ionic surfactant-containing wash solution, Dursan® was found to facilitate 100% removal of adsorbed proteins (BSA, mouse IgG and NHP), the same proteins remain adsorbed on the bare stainless steel surface.




Stop Protein Binding And Corrosion On Stainless Steel Surfaces

Dursan® benefits protein testing 3 ways:

Very low protein carryover

  • Dursan® significantly reduced protein binding compared to uncoated stainless steel and an amorphous fluoropolymer.

Beneficial to surfactants

  • Facilitated 100% removal of tested proteins.  The same wash solution had no effect on protein loading on bare stainless steel.     

Corrosion resistance means high purity

  • Comparison studies between Dursan® and stainless steel show the high purity Dursan surface prevented ion contamination and corrosive attack from bleach and other commonly used cleaning agents.


Click here to learn more or visit SilcoTek in booth #3920 to see how we're changing the game in liquid chromatography to create a new standard of performance.

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