SilcoTek Coatings Improve Environment and Processes, CEMS

July 12 2013

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SilcoTek Coatings improve low level detection in CEMS (continuous emissions monitoring system); helping to protect the environment and improve process performance in refining, petrochemical, and chemical process industries. 

SilcoTek coatings like SilcNert 2000 help improve system response, preventing unintended process upsets and emission of toxic compounds like ammonia, H2S and other sulfur compounds, mercury and many other active chemicals.  By preventing these chemicals from sticking to the inner wall of monitoring systems, SilcoNert 2000 improves response time by hours and in some cases days. 

That's why companies like Thermo Fisher Scientific, Universal Analyzers, Ametek, Siemens, Shimadzu, Agilent, and many others use SilcoTek coatings to improve the response of their instruments.  Improving process performance and the environmnet.

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