Your First Line Of Defense Against Protein Carryover & Corrosion

July 29 2016 Corrosion


In last week's blog post I promised puppies, but first let's talk about how SilcoTek® can improve test performance in bio-analytical & protein analysis shall we?  As you must know by now SilcoTek® provides advanced coatings that make products last longer, work faster, and perform better.  You may not know that for bio-analytical applications our Dursan® coating significantly improves HPLC and bio analytical sampling system performance, making it your first line of defense against protein carryover & corrosion.

Dursan® virtually eliminates poor performance issues related to bio-analytical sampling:

  •  High costs due to corrosion, especially from bleach
  •  Contamination from leaching of metal ions out of equipment
  •  False positive results caused by protein sticking and carryover
  •  Unreliable analytical results caused by chemical reactivity
  •  Recurring replacement because of material wear

How Dursan® works.

Dursan® is a very low surface energy, bio-inert coating designed to reduce non-specific protein binding and carryover while improving corrosion resistance in biotechnology, HPLC and pharma applications. 




The benefit?  Sample carryover is virtually eliminated, preventing false positive or erroneous results. Yes lab productivity is improved but the real benefit is prevention of expensive followup patient care and testing.

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Corrosion can also cause carryover and test errors.  Pitted corroded needle and sample pathways can trap protein molecules and later release trace contaminants in subsequent tests.  A corrosion resistant surface stops pitting and protein carryover.  Dursan® coated surfaces resist corrosives commonly used in bio analytical and LC applications.




Coat The Entire Sample Flowpath


Common Parts that Benefit from SilcoTek® Coatings










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