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March 27 2015 bio-medical

How to Make Your Instrument Bio Compatible

Why buy a new instrument when the one you already have can be made resistant to protein binding and carryover? Bio-inert Dursan® can be applied to medical sampling system components, significantly...

February 20 2015 Corrosion

Why Choose Dursan Bio-Inert Coating?

Dursan® bio-inert coating prevents protein carryover and false readings while improving instrument durability. Medical device manufacturers, diagnostic equipment and LC instrumentation used for...

September 12 2014 Process Analytical

Bio-Inert Coating? We got you covered.

Dursan bio-inert coating reduces carryover and false readings while improving instrument durability. Existing techniques for enhancing bio-inertness & protein release such as polyethylene glycol...

April 11 2014 Process Analytical

Inert Dursan Prevents Protein & Biomolecule Sticking & Carryover

Dursan® offers one solution for diagnostic equipment challenges. Non-Stick, low friction, inert Protein resistant Ultimate Stability Exceptional Purity Recent studies by major pharmaceutical and...

December 13 2013 Non-stick, Anti-fouling

Fight Fouling With Easy To Clean Dursan

SilcoTek GmbH recently commissioned a study at the Research Center Weihenstephan for Brewing and Food Quality (BLQ ) of the Technical University of Munich. The study quantified and compared the...