Where Can I Buy CVD Coated Products?

April 13 2018 SilcoTek

silicon coated parts  

Did you know that you can buy SilcoTek CVD coated products directly from the manufacturer?  Do you care?  Well you should because it could save you time and money in the long run.

Our network of Approved Partners offer SilcoTek® silicon coated parts directly off the shelf to help simplify your supply chain.  We don't sell finished products (only coating services), so we work with leading OEMs and re-sellers to make the purchasing process easier for you.

In this blog post you will learn how buying SilcoTek CVD coatings through OEM manufacturers can benefit your supply chain:

  • Save time - place one order with your supplier and let us handle the rest
  • Lower costs - save on shipping and product disassembly/assembly
  • Simplify logistics - eliminate the need to manage multiple POs and vendors

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Lots of customers send in parts for CVD coating application.  Our manufacturing lead time averages about 5 business days for most coatings.  We're fast and offer a great product but there is one drawback.  Parts need to be disassembled before sending them to SilcoTek for coating service. 

single-stage_regulator_cross_sectionWhy do I have to disassemble parts? 

In order to coat a part, the surface must be exposed to our coating gases.  We don't need much space (we can penetrate and coat a sintered metal frit for example) but we do need some space.  Areas that are not exposed, like seals or internals of assembled parts may not get a consistent exposure to our process gases.  Surfaces also can't be inspected or adequately prepared for coating so there's a risk of inadequate coating.  As we noted before lots of customers send in their disassembled parts but others really don't want the headache.  It's one thing to take a fitting apart but it's can get sketchy for a novice to take apart a valve or a regulator.  Then there's the time factor.  Some companies or individuals have the resources and knowledge to assemble and disassemble parts but others have to either become fast learners or must pay to have someone properly assemble the part.  That's where our OEM Partner program comes in handy.


Scott_regulatorNo more assembly, Now You Can Buy CVD Coated Products

We've partnered with some of the best manufacturers in the industry to offer SilcoTek® coated products.  They recognize our coatings are the best in the industry and want to improve the performance of their products (here are just a few case studies for example).  Our coatings offer an additional dimension in performance, be it analytical inertness, corrosion resistance, non-stick, or moisture resistance.  For the customer it means you don't have to take the time and effort to send in parts, just order them already coated from the manufacturer!  What can I buy?  Lots of things.  Here's list of components you can get directly from the OEM manufacturer. 

  • Fittings & Valves
  • Sample Cylinders
  • Process Sample Probes
  • Regulators & Flow Control
  • Filters & Separation
  • SST Tube, Tubing & Heat Trace
  • OEM & Instrumentation

The cost

Just do a Google search on the cost of placing and processing a PO and you'll see a wide range of estimates.  PO costs can range from about $60 per order to over $700 depending on industry.  That's just the administrative cost associated with order processing.  Now add in the handling cost at shipping and receiving and you're talking a fair amount of money invested in sending in a part for coating.  That's why it's worth a look into specifying our coatings when purchasing parts from the component or equipment manufacturer.  Depending on the OEM stock situation, the lead time may or may not be longer but from a cost perspective it'll be worth it to add our coating when specifying and purchasing the part.  Are you an OEM?  Become a partner and improve your products.

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The logistics

From a logistics and SKU perspective it also makes sense to consider purchasing coated parts.  A typical purchasing cycle can entail the following:

  • Specify coating
  • Source uncoated part or component.
  • Disassemble part
  • Place coating PO
  • Ship part to SilcoTek
  • Status order
  • Receive coated part from SilcoTek
  • Reassemble part
  • Process invoice

With good planning, the entire purchasing cycle can be eliminated by specifying our coating when placing an order for the uncoated part at the OEM level.  That will go a long way toward getting home a little earlier from work or greatly reduce the complexity of the order process!

Click here to go to our OEM partner directory.  The directory will take you to specific products and vendor purchasing information.

Want something that's not on our list?  Contact us and we'll do our best to work with your vendor to get us added as an option.