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Explore the select application-specific CVD coating presentations below to see how our coatings solve material problems. 

Get the latest coating data and learn how inert and corrosion resistant coatings can improve your process and products.  When you're ready to give SilcoTek a try, contact our Technical Service Team to discuss your application. and learn how SilcoTek can improve the performance of your product or process.  We offer no obligation consultations with our Technical Service Team to help you select the best coating for your application.  Evaluating our products?  Free sample test coupons are available, we can also recommend test methods that best evaluate how our coatings perform in your application.  

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SilcoTek®Corrosion Resistant CVD Coatings

Get corrosion resistance data on a wide range of coatings and materials.  See how SilcoTek® coatings can improve the corrosion resistance of your products by 10x or more.

An Introduction To SilcoTek®, Our Coatings, and Benefits

 A review of SilcoTek® and our coatings, applications, and benefits.

Improve Reliability and Accuracy of Sulfur, Mercury and NOx Sampling and Analysis Equipment

A review of how silicon coating improve the reliability and accuracy of sampling systems used in sulfur, mercury, NOx, and ammonia testing in exhaust, CEMS, and flare gas streams.    

Review of Coatings Used to Improve Reliability and Accuracy of Mercury and Sulfur Sampling Systems

This presentation discusses how SilcoNert® and Dursan® improve sampling reliability and accuracy for mercury, sulfur, and ammonia testing.

Inert CVD Coatings for Analytical Applications

A review of coating applications in analytical chemistry, environmental sampling, process analytical, HPLC, and refinery monitoring.

Amorphous Silicon Coatings for Control of Corrosion and Metal Ion Contamination

Learn how silicon coatings benefit semiconductor manufacturing by improving corrosion resistance and reducing metal ion contamination.

Improved Vacuum System Throughput, Inertness, and Corrosion Resistance

See how SilcoTek® Coatings improve vacuum pump down performance, reduce outgassing, improve hydrophobicity and corrosion resistance of vacuum and UHV components.

SilcoTek® Technology Designing Surfaces for Performance

Learn about our coatings, our technology, and applications.

High Purity Coatings from Science to Performance

Learn how SilcoTek® high purity coatings can improve the performance of your products and process.  Get coating performance data and see how our high purity silicon coatings improve stainless steel surfaces.